The Ghosts of Maple Bacon’s past…

Coffee Reviews from the Desert, No. 2 

Bones Coffee Company’s Maple Bacon 

Ok, now I think you guys are just fucking with me. Is this even coffee? This is water that you get from the faucet after your plumbing has been worked on, and you need to let the tap run for a bit to return to health. The flavor gulf between the smell of the grounds and the cuppa, you could drive a small galaxy through it. This is strong tea, not coffee. I have no idea what this is. It’s like licking a found Baby Ruth wrapper that has been tread upon and tossed in the gutter. There was a bold brave candy bar here at one time. Now the notes of that spirit haunt this space, this shredded shell. The thin ghost of a favorite candy that was. The desperation of that phantasm to try and cling to its past existence is too tragic, and must be excised. We must move on from this bizarre farce of a stage play and get back to reality. Back to true flavor country.

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