Rey in Spaaace!

Update: Limited edition prints are now live in The Shop!
Been painting like there is no tomorrow the last few years but I finally hit a wall. Have been very hard on myself the last month or so, and not sure exactly why. Trying to take stock in what I have made, and give myself a break while also clawing out of a general malaise. Slowly getting my Art mojo back. Threw away a few drawings and finally decided to just go bold and simple. Breathe. Finally decided I can’t throw everything in every piece and I should just enjoy the ride. So, I’m just going to paint and take the weekend to do this portrait justice and enjoy the process. Going to chill in space a while and have fun making nebulae, space dust and moons…

Update Oct. 3: Done! Got up early and made with the cosmic swirly space! Very happy with this one. High resolution is already published for you lovely Patrons! More behind the scenes production pics are in here as well, including outtakes! 

Update Oct. 1: Got in a few more rounds of painting. Almost done! More space and some detail but we are in the home stretch! Thanks for following along! 

Thanks everyone for your patience and understanding. I’m working double duty. The special Halloween card is also in the works! Sketches are go! Should have that presentable next week!
Thanks for all the love and support!
Rey says Hi!

Best, Sumrow

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