Monster Magnet - Last Patrol LP

"And the cover for ‘Last Patrol’ looks like the album sounds.” - Dave Wyndorf, Monster Magnet

“I worked on a concept with Sumrow and he just f—ing brought it home. I met him online and told him that I’m really, really dedicated for this album cover to be painted. Real paint. We took a look at some ’60s sci-fi paperback art. Those really lush, dark tones. He got it. He was great... For me, it’s all about the look, the Bullgod in outer space contemplating whether to eat a spaceship or not. The art has to be on the vinyl jacket. And the cover for ‘Last Patrol’ looks like the album sounds.”

Read More: Dave Wyndorf, Noise Creep Interview 10/2013 

Project: Monster Magnet - Last Patrol LP 

Client: Bull God Inc. / Napalm Records
Art Director: Dave Wyndorf
Medium: 24 in x 48 in, Oil on Canvas 

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