1. Artist Block? Breaking it with Play

    2023-01-31 18:40:00 UTC
    Was asked about Artist Block recently, from a friend Alex Sturdee and I answered: “No. I don’t get it.” “Never?” - AS “Never.”  I have countless tricks to break through that crap. So many in fact that they automatically kick in without me knowing. And I keep going. Here’s some…

  2. Rey in Spaaace!

    2021-11-04 15:57:46 UTC
    Update: Limited edition prints are now live in The Shop!Been painting like there is no tomorrow the last few years but I finally hit a wall. Have been very hard on myself the last month or so, and not sure exactly why. Trying to take stock in what I…

  3. Back into the Bottle! - The Spring Summoning

    2021-05-07 17:16:37 UTC
    This years Spring Summoning – “Back into the Bottle!” is printed and shipping to all Patrons as we speak! Still time to secure one. Best way to guarantee yours is to become an active patron of the arts by midnight May 7th. More info about what I do and all…

  4. Video Killed the Radio Star…

    2021-03-05 01:25:14 UTC
    Going to return to making time lapse Painting videos this year. GO! Follow. Subscribe! - Sumrow

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