Undead Doughnuts by Sumrow

Mr. Jimmies the Undead Donut : The Process

Step 1: Wire & Aluminum Foil.

Let there be foil! and wire! An armature is built to suport all the foil and clay and get the pose of the figure. Aluminum foil is added to bulk up the body of the doughnut. This saves sculpey and keeps the final product lighter. I wrap everything with super fine steal wire to give the soft sculpey clay something to grab onto.

Step 2: Clay bulk up

Here is where the actual fun begins... adding sculpey to the skeleton. I use regular super sculpey, but add a block of white and black to the mix to get a nice Grey. Regular super sculpey is translucent pink, this makes it hard to see fine detail on the surface. 

Step 3: Anatomy Sculpt & Textures

Step 4: Finished sculpt is baked
The base & legs are done then baked at 275 degrees for 15 minutes. A great tip from my friend Kevin Swartz is let the sculpt cool down naturally while still in the oven! Turn off the heat and just leave the door open a crack and let sit for a few hours. Slow cool down prevents cracks.

Step 5: Sprinkles and another bake
Adding sprinkles. The sprinkles were added using sculpey after the base was baked & hardened.  Now this final version is taken to a local casting studio and a limited edition is poured.

Step 6: Get Resin Casts made
This is #1 from the mold. Nice and clean, ready to be primed & painted.

Step 7: Primer
One light coat of heavy car primer does wonders, and allows the acrylic paints to stick.

Step 8: Airbrush main frosting color

An airbrush is used for the frosting color. It is quick, and goes on smooth. All the rest of the coloring will be done by hand. 

Finished Mr. Jimmies the Undead Doughnut, Limited edition of 25, with 5 Artist proofs. Acrylic paint on cast resin.

Newer custom versions are also available.

Custom Mr. Jimmies

"Dusty" - A Mr. Jimmies the Undead Donut Custom Build


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