Make Art in your daily life

Do yourself a favor. Go do one creative thing RIGHT NOW for the next ten minutes. Doesn’t matter what. Doodle on a napkin. Draw a funny face in the dirt with a stick. Make your sammitch talk by moving the bread and let it give you a mini impromptu stand-up routine. By this I mean find ART in everything small thing you do daily. I found a small resin cast head of a liquor bottle in the gutter. It is some kind of Monk or something. So what do you do? White out the eyes and put it in a flower pot. That’s what. A few minutes bring infinite joy. My grapevine starter pot is 1,000X better with an undead monk breaking ground!

Another creative thing to toy with is drawing your own character for you favorite table top role playing game like Dungeons & Dragons. This is just too much fun. I give you free hand to explore and develop your character. The world wants to see them! Make it so. 

The meta message: Always be making art. – Sumrow

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