Buddha Bot Turns 10

When it began, Buddha Bot v6 Turns 10 today! One of my first shirt designs ever. One of my first public and published Art pieces. It’s been a weird Art journey, but this is where it all started. Mr. Ohmz was doodled on the back of a paper restaurant menu, and I vowed to take my art more seriously. Crazy to think this was published on TeeFury ten years ago!Since then, Art Goals unlocked:

And most importantly this experiment started a bit over two years ago. The Creative Cult here on Patreon, which changed everything. It is my most fulfilling endeavor, both artistically and spiritually. I am free to create. :) Huge THANK YOU to everyone. The last two years have been incredible. I struck out to do my own original art and rebuild myself. You have supported this journey at every turn, and have given me freedom to pursue my own voice, style,  and original works that answer to no one. More Art on the way. <3

Thank you. - Sumrow 

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