Defender of the Deep

Defender of the Deep, 16 x 20, Pentel “pocket” brush pen & Sharpie on paper.

99.9% done with this new drawing I’m calling “Defender of the Deep” for now. Undecided on what I will use it for other than a portfolio piece. Could become a t-shirt or a print.

Here is a shot for scale. And two previous sketchbook pages that lead up to the final version. I’m glad I stuck with it and leveled it up. :)


  1. Eric wrote:

    Hey dude!
    I saw this on Reddit, I came to check it out! It looks really good, I like the color you used… Your really talented man, nice job!

  2. Jimmy wrote:

    Hey, this is great, I saw this as side-art of yours on Teefury. Was wondering if any inspiration for the monster was drawn from Clockwerk from the Sly Cooper games, as that’s what the face reminds me of. When I first saw it I thought it might be a mash-up of that and Bioshock. If not, you should do a mash-up of Sly Cooper and Bioshock haha. But great work!